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T25 Bartenders is a celebration of 25 individuals who are recognised by their peers as exceptional in their field. Uniquely, the T25 are selected from votes made by industry professionals, venue owners and operators and their peers from across the country.


Drinks World magazine has been busy working with our 30+ industry experts tirelessly and selflessly testing drinks (in many forms), service and knowledge across the country, to discover the people that make our industry as great as it is and create a truly fantastic, memorable experience for everyone!


Stay tuned while we conduct the final stages of voting, peer-on-peer, to determine this years T25 Bartenders Australia – to be announced in August.

Stage 1

Every year, we canvas votes from the most active and recognised brand ambassadors, trainers and industry influencers across all states. These seasoned pros follow criteria taking into consideration technical ability, knowledge, creativity, customer experience, achievements, influence, contributions to our industry and more...

Stage 2

We bring on board a range of venue managers, bar owners and group operators from across Australia and ask them to submit their lists of who they feel are standing out as exceptional in their fields.

Stage 3

We then compile and rank the list to create the top 100, who are contacted personally and asked to vote ‘peer on peer’. This final stage of voting allows us to identify and celebrate the Top 25 bartenders in Australia.

The Top 100

Made the top 100? Well share the news with the world, and let them know how great you are!


  • Alex Archibald, Seamstress
  • Chris Hysted-Adams, Black Pearl
  • Daniel Monk, Rum Diary
  • Dave Kerr, The Beaufort
  • Ev Liong, Whisky & Alement
  • Hayden Lambert, Above Board
  • Jack Sotti, Boilermaker House
  • Kelvin Low, Elysian
  • Kevin Peters, Garden State
  • Matt Stirling, Black Pearl
  • Michael Madrusan, The Everleigh
  • Mitch Townsend, Gin Palace
  • Nathan Beasley, Black Pearl
  • Orlando Marzo, Lûmé
  • Seb Costello, Bad Frankies
  • Trish Brew, The Gin Palace
  • Yao Wong, Elysian Whisky Bar

New South Wales and ACT

  • Adam Cork, KittyHawk
  • Alen Nikolovski, Shady Pines Saloon
  • Alex Gilmour, Tio’s
  • Alissa Gabriel, Mjolner
  • Andrea Gualdi, Maybe Frank
  • Andrew Ratcliffe, Baxter Inn
  • Bobby Carey , Big Poppa’s
  • Charlie Ainsbury, This Must Be The Place
  • Charlie Lehmann, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern
  • Dale Schoon, Earl’s Juke Joint
  • David Nguyen Luu, Barber Shop
  • Dre Walters, Lobo Plantation
  • Evan Brown, Rockpool
  • Harriet Leigh, Archie Rose
  • Holly Ingram, Highball Express
  • Igor Pachi, Assembly
  • James Irvine, Swillhouse
  • Jemima McDonald, Earl’s Juke Joint
  • Jenna Hemsworth, Hubert
  • John Davidson Jnr., Button Bar
  • Jono Carr, KittyHawk
  • Joshua Ng, Papa Gedes
  • Kurtis Bosley, Woollahara Hotel
  • Lewis Jaffrey, Big Poppa’s
  • Luke Ashton, This Must Be The Place
  • Max Greco, Vasco
  • Michael Cheim, PS40
  • Michelle Tee, Burrow Bar
  • Miya McLaughlin, Rosie Campbell’s
  • Noriel Calub, Blackmarket
  • Petr Dvoracek, Merivale Group
  • Quynh Van Nguyen, Charlie Parker’s
  • Raphael Redant, Stitch
  • Sam Egerton, Charlie Parkers
  • Thalita Alves, Bulletin Place
  • Thor Burgquist, PS40
  • Yoshi Onishi, Tokyo Bird

Western Australia

  • Ben Tua, Mad Dog’s
  • Brendan Grey, Mechanic’s Institute
  • Claire McDaid, The Odd Fellow
  • David Stucken, Bar Lafayette
  • Dim Rtshiladze, Mechanic’s Institute
  • Elise Godwin, Dominion League
  • James Connolly, Long Chim
  • Jessica Page, Helvetica
  • Joe Sinagra, Ku De Ta
  • Mitch Gurrin, Dominion League
  • Phillip Weber, El Grotto
  • Simon Hough, Flour Factory
  • Tom Kearney, Dominion League

South Australia

  • Ben Parton, Mr Good Bar
  • Ben Walsh, Udaberri
  • Cody Deatker (Banks), Hains and Co.
  • David Danby, Hains and Co.
  • Finn Healey, Duke of York
  • Mitchell Clarke, 2nd & 6th
  • Nick Corletto, Maybe Mae
  • Ollie Margan, Maybe Mae
  • Phil Jones, Hains and Co.
  • Roman Tazhdynov, The Bibliotheca
  • Vini Wang, Hains and Co.
  • Will Turner, Maybe Mae
  • Zac Markou, Bad Dog


  • Adam Bastow, ETSU
  • Aiden Beiers, Black Bear Lodge
  • Alex Boon, Seymour’s
  • Cameron Pirret, Seymour’s
  • Daniel Gregory, Seymour’s
  • Dave Marshall, Lefty’s
  • Ed Quartermass, Maker
  • Ella Rhodes, Cobbler
  • Elliot Pascoe, Maker
  • Josh O’Brien, The Bowery
  • Kal Moore, Tomcat
  • Martin Lange, The Cobbler
  • Peter Hollands, Black Bear Lodge
  • Pez Collier, The APO
  • Ryan Lane, Gresham
  • Steve McDermott, Statler & Waldorf

Northern Territory

  • Dan Carr, Nirvana
  • Janna Connell, PM Eat & Drink
  • Josie Blanchard, Chows
  • Pouya Khoshtarash, Sky City